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What causes people to become addicted to nail art? Beautiful things are loved by everyone. In today's world, art is everywhere. We can all agree that art is inspiring and important. Therefore, why leave your nails natural when a little effort may transform them into a work of art? In addition to polish, many customers at a normal manicure salon want nail art or nail designs. Nail art comprises putting small jewels, designs, glitter, and even various colors on the nails. If you’re seeking for general nail treatments that can change your fingertips into amazing nail designs, you’re at the correct location! The following are some common nail services (as well as other related treatments) that you may obtain at any nail salon near you. - Top nail salon near me in Cypress, TX 77429



Nail technique that allows you to own the perfect nail shape with gorgeous color is a gel. Gels come in liquid form. Gel Liquid is applied to your nail bed, then hardened under a UV light or LED. Gel Nails have an elegant, glossy finish. Gel Nails involving powder are technically acrylics in a combination of powder and monomer, or powder added to gel for enhanced strength. Gel Powder is the latest material used for the Gel Nails system. Gel powder nails are clearer, thinner, and more natural than acrylics. Unlike thick gel products of the past, today’s gels have a similar consistency to nail polish. Gel Nails are more flexible than acrylic nails; on the contrary, gels have been referred to as less durable or long-lasting than acrylics. When you stop in a nail salon near you and ask for Gel Full Set, it means your set will include basic artwork with a slight upcharge for artwork and add-ons; for Gel Fill, it means your fill will include basic artwork with a slight upcharge for artwork and add-ons.

To get started with nail treatments, we can't leave out a popular nail method that is in high demand these days at the majority of top manicure salons: Dipping Powder. Dip Powder manicures allow you to create beautiful sets of nails without using a curing lamp. After applying a base coat, dip the entire nail in the color powder, repeating as needed to obtain the desired color, buffing to shape the nail, and ending with a topcoat. Dip Powder nails (also known as SNS nails) can last up to 3-4 weeks before being damaged. A professional nail dip can cost around $40 or more, but the end result is well worth it.If you want to take control of glamming up your nails, then you can’t go wrong with Dip Powders at a top nail salon where you can find over 1000 colors Dipping Powder.

Dipping Powder

Color or Glitter Dip Real Nails $45 
Pink & White Dip Real Nail $50 
Ombre Color, Glitter, Pink & White Real Nails $50 
Add: Square, Oval, Tips $5+
Extra Length $5+
Add: Coffin, Almond, Stiletto, Pointy $5+

To make your manicure outstanding, you don't have to go all out with fantastic nail patterns and intrinsic nail art. On the contrary, some of the most understated manicures may result in some of the most stunning results. Pink and white nails, often known as French tips or French manis, are a style that has white tips on a pink manicure foundation. When you initially get a Pink & White complete set, the manicurist will give you the choice of adding a clear or white tip for length. A white plastic tip is the simplest option, whereas transparent tips must be molded with white powder or polish. Fills are needed to maintain Pink & White at least every week, by brushing acrylic powder onto the area of new growth. In addition to getting the nail base filled, the white tips also need to be back-filled. Fills and backfills cost less than the initial full sets and are the best way to maintain the Pink & White look, rather than doing a full set often.

Besides the main nail services provided by any local nail salon, you can see so many add-on services, such as polish change (hand/ toes), gel polish change (hand/ toes), nail designs, nail repairs, nail removal, etc.

Nail Care

Add: Coffin, Stiletto, Pointy. Almond $5+. Extra Length $5+

Full Set

Overlay Real Nails W/Regular Polish $30 +
Overlay W/ Tip & Regular Polish $35 +
White Tip $35 +
Pink & White Powder $50 +
Pink & White Powder Backfill $45 +
Color or Glitter Powder $45 +
Color or Glitter Backfill $40 +
Color or Glitter Tip Powder $50 +
Color or Glitter Tip Powder Backfill $45 +
Gel Color Acrylic $45 +
Gel French Acrylic $50 +
Color or Glitter Ombre Powder $55 +
Color or Glitter Ombre Backfill $50 +
Pink & White Ombre Powder $55 +
Pink & White Ombre Backfill $50 +


Overlay Real Nails W/Regular Polish $25 +
Overlay W/ Tip & Regular Polish $25 +
White Tip $25 +
Pink & White Powder $30 +
Color or Glitter Powder $30 +
Color or Glitter Tip Powder $30 +
Gel Color Acrylic $40 +
Gel French Acrylic $45 +
Color or Glitter Ombre Powder $35 +
Pink & White Ombre Powder $35 +

A polish change is simply changing the color of the nails on the hands and feet, whereas a full pedicure includes a full treatment of the feet in which the excess overgrown cuticle skin that surrounds the toenails is removed, all the dead thick callused skin on the bottom of the feet is removed, the nails are buffed, cut, and filed to perfection, the feet are massaged with cream, and the toenails are polished. Polish change is a minor manicure and pedicure service provided by practically all spas and nail salons that involves the removal of old lacquer and the application of fresh polish. This service is quite affordable and when you're trying to minimize cost, save money or simply too busy to make an extra stop at salon, polish change is a dry quick way to fix up your nails. It doesn't take more than ten minutes, unlike pedicure that takes about an hour to fix.

Polish Change

French $5 Extra


Nails or toes regular color Trim & Shape $10 
Nails or toes gel color Trim & Shape $20 


Nails or toes regular color Trim & Shape $7 
Nails or toes gel color Trim & Shape $15 

The mission of the best nail salon is to bring customers not only beauty but also wellbeing. That is the reason why all nail salons in your city offer a wide range of affordable spa treatments. If you’re looking for a wellness spa experience, just go for Manicures, Pedicures, and Mani-Pedi Combo, and choose the most suitable service that your hands and feet need. Let's have a quick read on some of the best Manicure and Pedicure services.

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--- MANICURE ---

Our hands are the important features of being blessed by God. Due to a stressful and hectic life, we often neglect to take care of our hands. Our hands take the brunt of daily work, so keeping them healthy is important. Smoothing rough areas, trimming hangnails and filing your nails to keep the manicure fresh is important. It’s never too late to give your hands the proper care with Manicure treatments! Steps of Manicures include trimming, regular shaping, filing, buffing, cuticle maintenance, steamed hot towel, and light hand massage with hydrating lotion. Regular maintenance of your hands and nails is well worth the cost.
Classic Manicure: Relax while your polish is removed, your nails are shaped, and your hands are bathed in an aromatic soak. Cuticles are groomed and conditioned, and hands and arms are massaged with flavors of creamy lotion for a few minutes followed by polish.

Spa Manicure: It will be a longer service, with more steps – an aromatic salt rub, hydrating mask, hot towel wrap, hot stone massage, or paraffin dip. This helps reduce tension and stress while heavily hydrating the skin. Leave your hands looking toned, refined, and youthful.

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--- PEDICURE ---

Our feet are considered to be a major part of our body as they carry the whole body weight. Many people tend to suffer from dryness, and cracks on the heel, and often it becomes a neglected part until the condition gets deteriorated, hence foot care is an important feature to maintain the health and beauty of your feet. Regular pedicures can help promote healthy circulation in the hands and feet. Steps of Pedicures include a warm sea salt bath soak, trimming, shaping, filing, buffing, cuticle maintenance, removal of rough dead skin, steamed hot towel cleanse, and light foot and lower leg with an exfoliating scrub and hydrating lotion.

Classic Pedicure: Provides the most basic toenail and foot care at a beauty salon. The process begins with a warm foot soak, includes all regular maintenance, and finishes with a regular nail polish of your choice.

Now you’re having beautiful fingertips, adorable toenails, glowing skin, and you think that’s enough to dress up for any party? You’ve forgotten your windows into the soul—yes, I’m talking about your eyes! Full, long, and wispy lashes are the key to standout and attractive eyes. No makeup is complete without gorgeous eyelashes. Ask yourself some questions: Do you fancy your eyes to wake up looking vibrant? Do you want to save your makeup time but still look amazing? Do you like the idea of swimming on the beach or crying out without ruining your mascara or falling off your false eyelashes? If all the answers for those questions are “Yes” then professional Eyelash Extensions are the solution for you! Nowadays the best Eyelash Extension products are used widely in most of the famous lash studios or top beauty salons, so be rest assured that you can own your fabulous lashes with no harm or concern about health aspects and hygiene problems. Lash Extensions are considered a must-try beauty trend but you should choose a trusted beauty salon to get the best results. Book with a top-rated lash lounge near your house so that you can conveniently come back there for lash refills. Full set Eyelash Extension prices can vary quite a bit, depending on the location, technician, and the final lash look. Some types of Lash Extensions of your choice: Silk, Mink, Faux Mink, Synthetic,...

Interested in facials? A day at the spa is incomplete without a facial treatment. Let’s be honest, physical appearance is important to everyone. Skin that is unhealthy may give a dull and an overall unhealthy appearance. Facials are a gentle, relaxing treatment that is perfect for the majority of skin types. What specific problems and problem areas does your skin have? Do you have wrinkles or sagging skin? Do you have dry areas or blotches? Discuss any issues of concern with your skincare professional so that they include the specific skincare products into your facial service. You also receive advice on the best way to take care of your skin from the expert. Your skincare routine today will help prevent future skin problems, like wrinkles and even skin cancer. Good skincare also has tremendous social and mental benefits. We encourage you to receive monthly spa facials and body treatments. The advantages of the skincare services are often immediately apparent and long-lasting, or at least you can relax and be pampered during a procedure. It’s best to find an experienced licensed cosmetologist who works in a top-notch beauty clinic. The results might be more dramatic than you expect.

If you want to glam up your nails, as well as to upgrade your natural beauty, regular visits to a good nail salon are necessary. We specialize in high-quality nail services tailored to fit everyone's needs. Our licensed nail technicians love what they do and we want to ensure that when you get your nails done here, you will love it too. To find out more about our manicures and pedicures, spa packages, and the best nail services Cypress 77429 , please use the nail salon information listed below to contact us. 

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